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  • Camp Awara Dhanaulti

    Camp Awara Dhanaulti

  • Camp Awara Flying Fox

    Flying Fox

  • Camp Awara Burma Bridge

    Camp Awara Burma Bridge

  • Camp Awara Sightseeing

    Camp Awara, Sightseeing

  • Camp Awara Night Party

    Camp Awara, Night Party

  • Camp Awara Suspension Bridge

    Suspension Bridge

  • Camp Awara Camping

    Flying Fox

  • Camp Awara Tents

    Camp Awara Tents, Dhanaulti

  • Camp Activities

    Camp Activities

  • Camp Awara Deluxe Tents7

    Camp Awara Deluxe Tents

  • Camp Awara, Tents

    Camp Awara, Tents



Rope Course Adventure Activities:

Go For many adventure activities such as Burma Bridge, Flying Fox, Tire Climbing, Commando Net Commando Crawling, Balance walk, Tire Crossing etc with Camp Awara at Camp site.

Burma Bridge:

This is an Army Style course basically used for team building on time based competition. The exercise does help to improve the mental capacity as well as check the physical skill of an individual. It consists of a thick rope that you walk on and two ropes to hold on it. You will be wearing a harness and connected by safety rope so relax and have fun. This is truly an Adventure Experience, which at a very last will give you great stories to share with your friends.

Flying Fox:

This is Another Adventure activity which would give you thrill and fun at the same time. Here a person climb and holds a T bar which smoothly rolls over a steel wire and person land after across it after sliding for 50-75 feet.

Commando Net:

One of the very famous activity among army. Here is a wall of net almost 15 feet high which has to be climbed first and then has to be descended from the other side, and all in 10 seconds. Okay, this is how we do it army style. You can take your time to do this one. But not when someone challenges you to do it faster than him/her. So be ready to accept the challenge.

Commando Crawling:

Another Army style course helps to give you sustainability and boost your skill to come out from a worst situation. You have to crawled 15-25 meter and cross obstacles full of mud.

Balance Walk:

A Simply but fun activity. In This Exercise you have to just maintain balance on the 2 to 3 feet wide rope and cross the distance of 15-25 meter.

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