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Corporate Package

Have you ever wondered having your business meetings, project discussions, or even a little break from your work but working at the same time? Well, we at Awara Camps avail each and every possibility to reach your satisfaction level for any occasion. We would make you meet your inner peace with all the stressful work that you are going through in those cubicles. Give us a chance to make you feel relaxed and cosy and work at the same time.

Corporate Package

Awara Camp has always made its top mark on people, as we know how much you matter to us. We put you first, and your comfort is our happiness, therefore we take care of your basic necessities while you enjoy yourself. With lots of workload you must always be gabbling around those busy schedules and you miss out on all the fun and comfort in your life. We at Awara Camp have the best staff to serve you with the best. Our basic goal is to put you at rest and make you feel more connected to nature than anyone else here. We offer a wide range of exciting activities to all professionals in order to help them enhance their lifestyle and stay physically and psychologically fit. Spending some time with nature and enhancing each and every cell to rejuvenate with nature, fresh air, and the essence of nature. We will charge a modest fee for services such as transportation, on-call doctors, and tour guides.

We at Awara Camp reside at a beautiful peaceful place in Dhanaulti. We are located 115 miles from New Tehri under the Garhwal Himalayan range’s foothills. You will experience the rich, cold, fresh environment at our place. Over here, you will experience the magical mesmerising experience of rich nature. We would like to serve you with the best in our happy, joyful, close to nature environment. We kindly invite all corporate personnel to stay in our spacious and pleasant accommodations. We’ve provided a number of conveniences to help them make the most of their time here.

Your Happiness Our Priority

Awara Camp has a large, dedicated, and skilled workforce. We aim to provide our customers with the finest possible service. We’ll always be here for you, and we'll do everything we can to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We work even harder than anybody else to give you with the best services available. We take good care of you in the midst of all the excitement and delight. You are our duty, and we have certified specialists on hand to assist you at all times and provide the finest possible care.

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