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School Package

School is a time when we learn a lot of new things while still having fun. Nowadays, all students are overburdened with assignments, and their lives are devoid of joy. Awara Camps, on the other hand, bring you up with school camping with lots of excitement, fun, peacefulness, and happiness. Let the students come in the lap of nature and experience each and every sense of nature.

Awara Camp is located in Dhanaulti, which is 115 miles from New Tehri and nestled in the Garhwal Himalayan range foothills. It’s a magical place, filled with nature’s real colors and enchanting beauty. Over here, all the students will be able to enjoy the most captivating visual splendor of nature with cool and refreshing air. We cordially invite students to stay in our spacious and comfortable place, which is well-equipped with a variety of amenities and to make the most of their time here.

School Package

Duration- 1 Night/ 2 Days

Package Type- Students Special Package

Package Code- SSP

Minimum Participation- 50 Students

Package Price- INR 1400/- per person per Night

Awara Camp provides a variety of nice accommodations. Because you are our first concern and your satisfaction is our obligation, we take care of your basic needs while having a fantastic time. Our major goal is to make you feel at ease and more connected to nature than anyone else here. When it comes to our student services, we offer a lot of fun for them. In the mornings, we conduct Yoga and Pranayam sessions. We provide a variety of adventurous activities for students to assist them to improve their lifestyle, keeping them physically and mentally fit. We have lots of adventurous activities: 

Burma Bridge, Flying Fox, Tire Climbing, Commando Net Commando Crawling, Balance Walk, Tire Crossing, and other camp activities, rope course adventure activities, and jungle trekking. We will charge a modest fee for services such as transportation, on-call doctors, and tour guides.

We Care About You

Awara Camp employs a large number of people that are dedicated and skilled. We promise to offer you the best service possible. All of the camps are organized and prepared using statistical methods. We’ll always be there for you, and we’ll do everything we can to provide you with the greatest possible service. We put forth more effort than anyone else to provide you with the best possible services. In the midst of all the excitement and delight, we take good care of you. You are our responsibility, and we have qualified specialists who will be with you at all times and give you the best treatment possible.

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